About Butan

Butan has been commercially available since early 2006 but has its humble beginnings in 2001 when the founder of the brand printed 20 tees for his school mates with a simple design he had sketched in his black book.But perseverance and holding onto his dream has paid off. Butan is now fast becoming one of the biggest streetwear labels in South Africa and there is no stopping us now.


Why the name ‘Butan’


B-U-T-A-N is simply a re-arrangement of letters in the word B-A-N-T-U.
The brand name pays homage to our roots and heritage while the re-arrangement of the letters signifies a changed, entirely new mindset and outlook on life in contemporary South Africa. It is this fusion between cultural heritage and the present day experience that creates the unique look and feel of the brand.



Why ‘1981’


Most of our garments make reference to the year 1981. Contrary to popular belief 1981 is not the year the brand was established but actually the year the founder of Butan was born.





Butan is deeply entrenched in the urban lifestyle and vibrant underground culture of South Africa’s streets. Key to the brand’s identity is the inventive approach to fashion, which produces highly concept driven designs that epitomize our cosmopolitan roots. Butan is more than just a clothing label, it’s an integral part of street culture.

It strives to spread relevant messages and open avenues for alternative perception of our world through innovative design. The brand represents the rich tapestry of the African continent, paying tribute to its influence on contemporary African youth. Every garment is the manifestation of the ideas and aspirations of our generation, our infinite potential and our heritage.