No Jacket Required

No Jacket Required

The culture has always been fundamentally important and at the forefront of the Butan Universe. This collaboration speaks to that and lends to the legacy that engulfs the art of Graffiti.

One of the most incredible artists in the graffiti fraternity, Dreda, has collaborated with us and it looks to be iconic!


Themba “Dreda” Malaza is one of Johannesburg’s pioneer Graffiti Artists, a member of the international Hip-Hop movement known as the XMEN WORLDWIDE, Boom Skwad, Mzantsi Street exhibits and Wearable Creative Centre organisations.

Dreda has produced murals throughout South Africa with a focus on community building and artivism.

Themba has been working on Denim since 2000 and his deep connection with Hip Hop style and principles has kept him pushing the movement forward and inspiring countless younger artists in Soweto and Johannesburg as a whole.

' No Jacket Required ' is an introduction into customized graffiti on denim. This is the first time there has been an entire exhibition dedicated to the customizing of denim in Johannesburg, with the goal of showing the viewers that this really can be a real work of art and is a showpiece in almost any environment, from wearing it on your back to hanging it in your home.

The title of the exhibition, ' No Jacket Required' is a reference to the 1985 Phil Collins album with the same name which had influenced a TV series also titled 'No Jacket Required' where Dreda was exposed to various musicians and artists. This was a big part in Dreada getting so involved in Hip Hop.


It also refers to the old club scene requiring one to wear a jacket  and smart clothes to enter, which excluded a lot of people. This created a culture of people who stood against this rule and thus 'No Jacket Required' has become a symbol of being oneself and expressing one's own style without fear of acceptance from society's rules and regulations. 

Graffiti has transcended all boundaries and fashion is certainly not excluded from that. This collection of denim panels, jackets and other artworks is a culmination of years of work from Themba, and is a real landmark in South African graffiti and Hip Hop culture.

Join us this Saturday, 8th July, at the Greyscale Store & Gallery in Braamfontein to witness yet another historical and authentic moment in street culture.