Little Rose Centre - Donation Beneficiary

Little Rose Centre - Donation Beneficiary

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In April we reached out to our #ButanFam for an opinion on which mask designs to produce. Three designs came out tops – Hidden Panthers, Aluta Scripted and Block Letters which are currently available from our online store. From each mask sold we're be pledging R20 towards assisting Little Rose Centre in Kliptown.

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What started as a play group in 1993 by Mrs Nomayeza Majola for 40 young children (age 1 to 6 years) in 1997 became Little Rose Centre, the first crèche in Kliptown. The centre currently accommodates approximately 140 children, 100 of which belong to the crèche and almost 20 have found shelter at the centre. The other children come in the mornings and after school for meals, home work assistance and leisure time activities.

Little Rose Centre is entirely run by committed volunteers of the Kliptown Community. Twelve volunteers execute and maintain the programmes of the Centre. All of them receive a small monthly volunteer stipend if funds allow for them.

In this time of incredible uncertainty we find ourselves, children are most often the first casualties. With the donation, we sought to assist where possible and give hope to the children and community of Kliptown.