Butan x Samurai Farai powered by KWV

Butan x Samurai Farai powered by KWV

The intersection of art, fashion, and craftsmanship has given rise to an exciting collaboration between contemporary artist Samurai Farai, premium streetwear label Butan, and the exquisite taste of KWV 3 Brandy. This unique partnership weaves a narrative that transcends conventional boundaries, pushing the envelope of creativity into the current atmosphere of South African pop culture.

Samurai Farai is known for his bold and dynamic artworks. His work draws inspiration from the details of people in society, the happenings and nuances between human dynamics as well as the conversation of what occurs beneath the surface of all of us as people: emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. His signature style, characterised by powerful brushstrokes and vibrant hues, is now translated onto the canvas of streetwear, creating a wearable gallery that speaks volumes.


Butan, synonymous with cutting-edge street fashion, seamlessly integrates Samurai Farai's artistic vision into their design ethos. The result is a collection that not only reflects the pulse of the streets but also pays homage to the rich cultural tapestry that inspires both collaborators. Birthed from its desire to put the power back into the Bantu and create a movement of victorious cultural heroes, who’s struggle is not just for the equality of all humans but to pioneer street style in an all encompassing combination of heritage and current trend.


KWV 3 Brandy, a name identifiable with craftsmanship and excellence, provides the perfect backdrop for this creative fusion. The vibrant brandy with a full, smooth and fruity taste, marries seamlessly with the intricate details of Samurai Farai's modern artwork and Butan's premium streetwear, elevating the Capsule Collection to a sensorial experience.

“KWV Brandy is a proud South African brand, which seeks to support and promote South African excellence. We have shown this through decades of producing internationally award winning brandy and now, through our partnership in the Butan and Samurai Farai,” says Alvin Saal, Brand Manager at KWV House of Brandy.


Samurai Farai's iconic motifs are weaved and printed into intricately designed garments that echo the essence of both brands, every piece in this collection is a testament to the synergy achieved through thoughtful collaboration. The limited-edition line not only captures the zeitgeist of contemporary art and fashion but also stands as a celebration of cultural diversity. As Samurai Farai's brush meets Butan's fabric, elevated by KWV 3 Brandy, this collaboration emerges as a testament to the boundless possibilities when creative minds converge. 


It is more than a collection; it is a blend of art, style, and craftsmanship – a statement that resonates with those who seek innovation and excellence in every facet of life.

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