Butan X Strictly Soul

Butan X Strictly Soul

Without Breaking the internet right, we're excited to announce that Butan will be the official apparel partner for Strictly Soul!! (@strictlysouloffical)


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Strictly Soul was started in 2020 by Akio Kwahito (@akio_kwahito) and Bongolethu Kabingesi (@owlbeno) as a live stream and later an in-person event that was joined by Anita Makgetla (@pukkalish).  

She, a creative who has created with more than just words or notes. An academic with exceptional taste in not just music but fashion too. Her ability to bring to life space, fabric, and music has seen her joint efforts with Akio and the Strictly Soul Team, become one of the country's fave events to be at! 


His love for exceptional rhythm & blues, hip hop, kwaito & Afrobeats - a vibe that goes with it gave birth to this amazing event. A global, international award-winning musical maestro; Akio has always been one to connect seamlessly with an array of crowds from Durban to Japan! 

With shows in Jozi, Cape Town, Windhoek and Durban the memories built have been nothing short of FOMO-inducing (if you missed them that is)!!    

Strictly Soul has been graced by local and international DJ's giving their spin on the genre that we all know and love to hear!  

With performances by the likes of Bas (Dreamville) from Queens NY and 9th Wonder! Curating shows in La Royale, Tanzania (the country, yes!), Gaborone, and New Year's Eve in Cape Town at the Studio. DJ's like Ms. Cosmo, Sir LSG, Blended SA, DJ Moma, DJ Doowap to name but a few musical flaming vibe creators! Every photo has had a story and most importantly some really good music behind it! 

Strictly Soul has been able to change the atmosphere in places wide-ranging, wena La Parada (all provinces mentioned okay!), to Katy's Palace to Hurricane in Katlehong. To say Strictly Soul is multi-dimensional would be an understatement. That, coupled with the people that come alive within the vibe we can only add that WE ARE ABOUT TO CHANGE THE GAME!!! 


This partnership has us really looking forward to building a super funtastic relationship with Strictly Soul. 

Click on the Flyer below for tickets!


CUE MUSIC!!!!!  


Let's get down!

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