Butan Playlist with Rolo Rozay

Butan Playlist with Rolo Rozay

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“Cape Town street culture aficionado Rolo Rozay unleashes a 20 track playlist to the #ButanFam.”

A lot of people know Rolo Rozay but can’t quite pin him down to a specific thing. Is he a designer? Is he a sneakerhead? An IT guru? Perhaps he inherited a fortune and lives a quiet life with his family in Bishop Lavis.

The married father of two sat with Butan at Sneaker Cartel, a business he co-founded, to share tracks he’s currently enjoying.  Rolo’s playlist is reflective of the energy he exudes - confident, young at heart and timeless. Costa Titch’s “Nkalakatha” opens the playlist while his homie Youngsta CPT’s “VOC” settles in for a reinforced Cape Town flavour and is Rolo’s anthem then peppered with recently passed Pop Smoke’s “PTSD” just to name a few.

Rolo’s playlist is an eye into the fish keeping enigma who’s a staple at Cotton Fest and custodian of the culture. After this playlist, surely you’ll know him a bit better.

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