Butan Aluta Mask

Butan Aluta Mask

Butan Aluta Mask Winter 2019 - Glow In The Dark
Shot by Cailin Tobias
Model - Khensane Makhopane

2015 is the year the Butan Aluta Mask surfaced, adorned on a crewneck sweater and snapback cap. The mask has taken on an African identity while evolving over the years. I also is a symbol for our Aluta Continua brand tier recognised throughput by the #ButanFam.

Debut of Butan Aluta Mask in 2015, New York

The representation and meaning of a tribal mask in African tradition is multi layered. Masks were initially intended as part of ceremonial costumes. A means to depict the metaphysical and communicate to the spirit world, coming to life through dance as well as music.

Butan x Bubblegum Club 'Aluta Continua'

Adopting the Aluta mask came down to identity. The African continent has been riddled with horrific events ranging from slavery, colonialism to apartheid. Oppressive systems designed to strip Africans of their identity and culture. Butan's mission is to revive and celebrate African cultural heritage, restore pride & identity.