Butan Heritage Series

“Celebrating South Africa’s Heritage through fashion”

Bright in Mountain Panther Crewneck Sweater & Thando in Lair Of The Panther Hoodie

Our brand’s DNA is rooted in telling the African story through fashion, celebrating our identity the world over and most importantly the land from which we originate. September in South Africa is Heritage Month, a month where the country’s rich, vibrant, diverse cultures and its people are celebrated.

Khutso in Summer 20 Khanga Capsule Range

Summer 2018 the Azania 2 T-shirt pack dropped as a comic book story modeled after Shaka. The story celebrates the Zulu heritage.

The Wild Coast Dawn hoodie released in 2016, is an extended cut hooded sweater, celebrating Xhosa heritage and culture. Inspired by umbhaco, a Xhosa traditional cloth that’s extremely durable. The cloth is worn for formal and informal ceremonies. The hoodie’s print design follows cues from the cloth.

Pearl Thusi showing off the Wild Coast Dawn Hoodie in New York

Our most celebrated garment in the Butan Heritage Series, to date, is the Basotho inspired crewneck sweater, the Mountain Kingdom sweater. The original sweater replicated the exact motif seen on the blankets. However due to legal issues we can’t produce it anymore.

Olweza in the original Basotho inspired crewneck

The newer design of the Basotho inspired crewneck sweater, the Mountain Panther, sports a different motif. Still taking inspiration from the blanket that was gifted to King Moshoeshoe 1st which the people of Lesotho adopted as traditional attire, has on it Hidden Panther heads. The factory fault line that has become a staple in the blanket’s design has been kept for our Mountain Panther jerseys and crewneck sweaters.

With a myriad of traditions and cultures in South Africa our promise is continually to produce garments that celebrate our people.

Happy Heritage Day and Happy Heritage Month South Africa.

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