Butan Adinkra – Brand Story

Butan Adinkra Capsule, Summer 2020 – Photo by @mr_ctphotography
Model – Ria Shoki @ria_shoki

Adinkra is Ghanaian symbols that represent concepts and aphorisms usually seen on fabrics, logos and pottery.

It has often been thought by the West that African languages are merely spoken and not written. This perception is false. Besides the Egyptian hieroglyphics, there are a number of other ancient writing systems on the continent, one being ‘Adinkra’ originating from Ghana. A collection of symbols representing concepts and messages of wisdom.

We began exploring the concept of African symbols similar to Adinkra in Summer 19 and applying our own distinct pattern to a reversible bucket hat and vest.

At our Playlist events in 2019, Johannesburg and Cape Town, you may have spotted the patterns on the walls.

Dj Doowap, Tarryn ‘TNT’ & Lady Skollie – November 2019 Johanneburg Playlist Event
Photo by Sherilea Gaspar @sherilea_gaspar

Summer 2020 we released a 3 piece Adinkra capsule range that consisted of a boonie hat, short sleeve t-shirt and nylon shorts. These 3 pieces of garment adorned a new and revised Butan Adinkra symbols.

Both seasons that the Butan Adinkra capsule has been released it was done through the ‘Aluta’ tier range.

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