Butan Playlist by You

Butan Playlist by You

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We debuted The Playlist in June 2019 which set to profile our affiliates through the music they’re listening to. The profiled affiliate would share a 20 track playlist for the #ButanFam to stream and enjoy. Allowing you to peer through a new window to connect with those you admire. Dancer extraordinaire Tarryn ‘TNT’ kicked it off followed by streetwear and entertainment maven Scoop Makhathini to Tshego Koke of MTV Base, Ayanda MVP then Cape Town’s Rolo Rozay.

This time we invite YOU, fan of Butan and The Playlist to share your favourite songs with us. You get to contribute your favourite songs to a playlist that’ll be available online for streaming. A Butan Playlist by You.

It's simple - comment on our posts with 1 - 3 of your favourite songs and use the hashtags #ButanPlaylistByYou #HeedTheCall #ItsNotAgarmentItsApieceOfArt

It doesn’t end there, your songs stand a chance to be picked by DJ Akio and played during his Instagram LIVE Sunset Sessions presented by Butan.

Akio will select 10 – 15 songs from the #ButanFam playlist mix in his own selection to create a unique listening experience for you and your friends. The Sunset Session will go LIVE from Butan’s Instagram page this Sunday, 21 June from 16h00.

Be sure to stay close to our social media for updates and follow Dj Akio (@akio_kawahito) on Instagram cause you don’t want to miss the chance to jam to a playlist by YOU with your friends.

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