Aluta Continua – A Butan brand tier story

‘A luta Continua, Vitoria e Certa’ is a Portuguese slogan first verbalised by Samora Machel, former president of Mozambique, during the country’s liberation struggle. Directly translated, the slogan means: ‘The struggle continues, victory is certain.’ These words were a call to mobilise and rally not only the Mozambican people but all Africans under systems of oppression.

The slogan has found its way onto Butan’s garments and you may have wondered how. Because all things African and Afrocentric run through the brand’s ethos and philosophy, the words or rather slogan cannot be any truer of present times. As Africans we’re faced with economic, political, societal and personal hurdles which we often unable to  address. Butan represents the inner voice but also the loud. Assuring us, while the struggle does continue, ultimately victory is certain.

The slogan was properly introduced to the brand in 2016 having first appeared in its Summer 2015 collection. A core element of this brand tier is the ‘Block Letter B’ logo. Of course the ‘B’ is short for ‘Butan’ however it also takes the form of the number ‘81’, as 1981 is the year Butan’s founder was born.

When paying careful attention one will notice some differences in our Aluta Continua brand tier. The obvious being the ‘Block Letter B’ logo. There is also the black labelling inside the garments rounded off with black swing tags; Great finishing touches but more importantly a distinct change in communication.

The Aluta Continua range is tiered within the Butan brand. A classification and step out from the Connections range, which is marked by red labelling. Aluta Continua is for the expressive, incredibly nuanced, fashion forward, unapologetically African and appreciative of considered fabrics person.

So the next time you hit up one of our finest retailers, pick up a Butan Aluta garment, feel it and let ‘em know you know.

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